First Post! A New Holiday! Pirates!

Welcome, one and all, to the first real post of my blog!

*Crickets chirping*

So an awesome author and blogger named Chuck Wendig has decreed that today, February 6th, will henceforth be known as International Please Don’t Pirate My Book Day.

Now, today is not a day to talk shit about people who pirate stories, because that’d be simplifying a complicated issue and generalizing and being a big dumb meanie.

Today is not also not about saying, “Oh, another stupid holiday” before getting back to your interpretive dance/masturbation session, forgetting about the whole thing because you’re lost in an orgy of self expression. It’s not another one of “those” holidays that exists as a funny name on a calender.

Today is a day for discussion. In my case I’m talking to myself, since no one knows about this blog, but still…

So, I’m not a fan of pirating another person’s work. And while I haven’t created anything that I’m trying to sell right now (I haven’t created fuck-much of anything, really), I can still sympathize with authors using the power of my imagination.

Right now I’m imagining that I’ve written another story, and that I’m poor (well, that was easy). I’m imagining that, as an author who’s put a dick-ton of time and effort into creating something and getting it published, I want to get paid for it. I want to be rewarded, because I need to eat and drink (and drink). I’ve got bills to pay and mouths to feed… My brood of hungry, little Tsetse fly-hamster hybrids cry out for food as we speak.

So, when somebody decides to bypass the whole “paying for this awesome story” thing, they upset me (the imaginary, published author).

As Wendig says, it’s not so much anger as it is sadness/disappointment. Money’s important, and the Tsetse-Hamsters need to be fed, but there’s also respect. I think piracy is disrespectful. It’s a slap in the balls/ovaries to the author. Paying for something is a good way of saying, “Wow, this has value”. If you’re not going to pay for a book, then at least show your appreciation by doing something else. Buy one of the authors other books. Purchase another copy of the one you pirated and give it to somebody. Give the author alcohol. Mail the author a fresh born calf for his or her baby Tsetse-Hamsters to feed upon.

Just express your appreciation so that the author feels it.

Right there… Right in the Tsetses.


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