Planescape, Rothfuss, and Nerdlove

The powerful, connective magics of the universe have had their way with me yet again.

So, if you don’t know yet, there’s a Kickstarter up for the successor to Planescape: Torment. Game’s gonna be called “Torment: Tides of Numenera”.

So, I recently watched a video on YouTube created by MrBtongue. This excellent YouTuber creates videos that analyze stories, mostly stories in video games. His videos are easy to understand, full of great information, and have just a pinch of dry humor. I love him, and you (I cry at an empty room, pointing a commanding finger at nobody) should too!

This video looked at Planescape: Torment, an older game that (supposedly) was awesome, possessing a great story and strong themes. From what I gather, it leans more toward the experimental end of the fiction spectrum–at least, with regards to the fantasy genre of video game fiction. MrBtongue’s recommendation normally would be enough for me, but then author Patrick Rothfuss, a truly amazing writer of fantasy, got into the mix…

He said, on his blog, that not too long ago he ran into Colin McComb, who helped write Planescape: Torment back in the day and who is now helping to create it’s successor. Guess what? Mr. Rothfuss, a huge fan of the original, says that Mr. McComb asked him to help write stuff for the successor! This is fantastic news for fans of Planescape, as Rothfuss is a phenomenal author whose work is fucking awesome.

I am going to buy Planescape: Torment, perhaps a little late, because these awesome people recommend it. I’ll let yall know what it’s like.

Moral of the story: Connect yourself to cool people. Be like those little fish that follow sharks around, but be willing to visit a bunch of different sharks. If it’s writing that you care about, follow some of your favorite writer’s blogs. Ditto for cool YouTubers who work with story. Follow the sharks mother fucker.

My metaphor isn’t the best, though, because you’re bigger than a little fish-urchin-scavenger thing. You’re a shark, too. Or a potential shark. Or a big tuna or swordfish maybe? The difference between the fishes and the sharks, really, is that the sharks do shit. They make videos, stories, games, whatever; they blog, have opinions, argue with people.


One response to “Planescape, Rothfuss, and Nerdlove

  1. let’s just get one thing straight here.
    I love Pat Roth, and imma let him finish, but avellone is the greatest writer of all time, OF ALL TIME.
    That’s definitely the guy to be excited about on this project. Far more than McComb he is what made the first game great.

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