Goeff Thompson Is Awesome

Goeff Thompson is a practicing martial arts instructor, writer, and self-help expert. He lives in the U.K., and is awesome.

Imagine all the most awesome things in the world: ice-cream, beer, the wisdom of the ages, protein, genies, bears, cup cakes, good bed-time stories, krav maga, and squats. Take these things, mix them together into an Awesome Shake, then drink it. The feeling that ensues will be very similar to the one you would experience when in the presence of Mr. Thompson.

His “Fence” principle for self defense is one of the most basic, reasonable, and utilitarian martial concepts I’ve ever seen. Ever. It beats keeping your hands up–yeah, it’s that good. It’s a tactical technique: you keep your metaphorical “fence” up at all times. There’s usually a little distance between you and some guy, and the “fence” that you put up is largely one of simple awareness to your immediate surroundings. Your hands, if necessary, can supplement the psychological fence, going up into a relaxed but prepared pose. Ah screw description: look it up on YouTube.

Speaking of which: the following interview (2 Parts) with Mr. Thompson is courtsey of World of Martial Arts Television, via YouTube. They are cool for making it. In it, he discusses his transformation, violence, being forged in the martial fire, and being psychologically healthy.


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