No More “Reviews”

I don’t think I’ll be doing such things anymore.

I just think it’s silly for me to review a work of fiction in its entirety and thereby judge its value. I, who am myself unpublished and generally unqualified to be publicly critical of the entirety of another person’s work. I’d rather not make it my business to judge so much–I think that’s the domain of smarter people.

You wouldn’t ask your cat if the cookies you baked were yummy, right?

That would be silly.

And if your cat told you that your cookies sucked, you’d be pissed. You’d probably tell your cat to stop. “STOP IT CAT!” You’d say. “YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE LIPS, YOU SON OF A BITCH!”

And then the cat would point out how bad of an analogy that was…


This doesn’t mean that I won’t analyze other people’s stories and critique certain aspects of them. I’m still down to put stories under the microscope. I’ll be critical. If a story fucks up in some way, I might note it. I feel quite obliged to (too?). We all should be critical of stuff, because that’s how we make future stuff better.

For example, I would have no problem looking at the ending of Mass Effect 3 with a critical eye. Ethically. Practically, that’d be beating a dead horse.

The distinction that I’m thinking of is one of degree, I suppose. I’m not looking to judge a whole story anymore. I’ve realized that such things aren’t very valuable in the grand scheme of internet discussion. At least, not when I do it. Maybe if an experienced reviewer of X, Y, or Z did so–like the folks at PC Gamer or IGN. Hell, even if some schmuck like myself reviewed a new game or movie I could appreciate it because the review might bring up something that I’d find interesting–a certain character or theme–that I could then take a closer look at.

But I’m personally not comfortable reviewing a whole thing, all at once, save in the most informal contexts.

It’s not very humble.

It’s also logistically challenging. There’s a lot to these “stories”–More than my drunken ramblings can reliably cover.


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