Flash Fiction Challenge: 200 Words at a Time

I’ve decided to do one of awesome author Chuck Wendig’s writing exercises.

It’s a fun adventure–an exercise in group story-telling. It’s a game of telephone. Each participant starts by writing a 200 word beginning for a story. Then, when Mr. Wendig starts the next round, we grab someone else’s beginning and add 200 words of our own. By the end of it there should be a big cluster-fudge of dozens of 1000 word monstrosities, to be found in the comments section of Wendig’s blog post. The exercise should conclude at around Christmas time.

It’s a really cool idea, and I hope it works!

A Gifted Wizard

      Mary loved Christmas because it was the comfiest holiday. Sitting on the floor before a modest pile of gilded presents, surrounded by family, sipping hot cocoa—hot cocoa!—she was experiencing true, Christmas bliss. She pet the cat beside her as it nuzzled her knee. Her brother handed her a perfectly wrapped gift. She reached for it, but he yanked it away, laughing. She laughed too. This happened every year. “Mom!” she said, directing her voice toward the kitchen, “Danny’s being a jerk!” But she snatched the present from him anyway and pulled at the ribbon.

Then the front door burst open and a gaunt, bearded man in ripped jeans and no shirt stumbled in. He had a large, pointy hat on his head. He glanced around at the startled faces, settling on Mary’s. She knew him, and stuttered, “U-u-uncle Martin?”

He nodded. “There’s magic afoot, niece…You’re a wizard, Mary”. Seeing her confusion, he pointed at the cat. “Look, the cat can talk now.”

She looked down at Bubbles. Bubbles looked up. “Hey,” Bubbles said.

Mary stared. “Hey.”

Uncle Martin pulled a folded up hat, like his own, from his back pocket. “Here! Take this wizard hat and follow me.”


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